Name: Willow Charter

Age/Year: 16/6th

Blood status: Muggleborn

Gender: Female

Appearance: Not a very tall girl, but not exceptionally short either. She stands 5'5" and has a rather slim build – bordering on underweight – but that's just because she tends to forget to eat unless her brother reminds her, as well as the fact that she's rather active. Running in the morning and always moving. She can sit quietly, but she'd rather be doing something other then sitting around. The only person that gets her to sit down for more than twenty minutes is Hunter, and that's only when they have to do homework or study. She has pretty blue – grey eyes and dark hair that hangs around her face in soft ringlets.

Personality: She's the embodiment of a Hufflepuff; trustworthy, loyal, honest, and kind. She rarely has a bad thing to say about anyone and does not lift her wand to fight unless one of her friends are in danger or being threatened. It is rather difficult to prod her into a temper, but when it happens it blows over quickly and she shakes it off. There are a few things that seem to show things in her life she keeps hidden from others, secrets, but other then that she's an open book it seems.

Love Interest/Crush: Nope

Strengths: She's exceptional at Charms, as well as Care of Magical Creatures and Herbology.

Weaknesses: She is terrible at Potions, History of Magic, and Transfiguration, as she finds them very literal with no way to be creative.

Metamorphmagi (warning, these are rare so I will not approve often): No

Patronus (Optional. Only for fourth year and up): Badger

Animagi (Optional. Only for seventh year): No

Wand (If your OC's wand has another maker besides Ollivander, please inform me): 10 " Willow and Phoenix Feather

House: Hufflepuff

Era: HP3