"He should have no further trouble from her, he thought in satisfaction. Surely by now she knew his dominance over her. She would submit as easily in all matter as she had in this one.


He frowned, she had submitted... hadn't she?"


She stands at a tiny 5'3" and has a rather slim build – bordering on underweight – but that's just because she tends to forget to eat unless her brother reminds her, as well as the fact that she's rather active, running in the morning and always moving. She can sit quietly, but she'd rather be doing something other then sitting around. The only person that gets her to sit down for more than twenty minutes is Hunter, and that's only when they have to do homework or study. She has kind brown eyes and the same coal black hair as her brother, only hers has a wavy curl to it, inherited from her father. She also has the dark, Native skin color and all of this mixes for a rather intriguing package of contrast.




She is trustworthy, loyal, honest, and kind. She rarely has a bad thing to say about anyone and does not lift a finger to fight unless one of her friends are in danger or being threatened. It is rather difficult to prod her into a temper, but when it happens it blows over quickly and she shakes it off. There are a few things that seem to show things in her life she keeps hidden from others, secrets, but other then that she's an open book it seems.




Hunter and Willow grew up in their mother's village in Alaska with their White father and their Native mother, grandmother, grandfather, and various aunts and uncles. They lived happily with their family and friends until their mother and father was murdered by a pair of drunk men and they were shipped to their Aunt and Uncle since it was felt that Willow needed real parents and Hunter refused to leave her. They don't know anyone in this town or Washington, but Willow figures that it wont take long until she makes some friends.


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