Name: Victoria Delaney

Age/Year: 17/7

Blood status: Half-blood

Gender: Female

Appearance: Victoria is 5'4" and slim with brown eyes and black - pixie cut short - hair. She usually wears jeans combined with short-sleeved or sleeveless tops, such as a tank top, when not in uniform.

Personality: Not exceptional in her studies, but smart enough as it. Thinks highly of good Quidditch players. Off-field, she's on friendly terms with mostly everyone, but anyone challenges her Quidditch and she gets fierce, she almost becomes a different person on field. Victoria is strong-willed once she set her mind to something, she is also quick to call people out on their behavior.

Love Interest/Crush: Sort of... he's totally crushing on her but she's more.... idiot (Jack O'Reilly)

Strengths: Quidditch (she's captain of the Ravenclaw team). She's also passing in all of her studies. She's really not exceptional, but her constant strive to learn more placed her firmly in Ravenclaw. (Will be developed)

(Either subjects for academics or personality types. Ex. Potions or Socializing.)

Weaknesses: Easily angered when it comes to her Quidditch. Can be a bit intense. (More to come as charrie progresses.)

Metamorphmagi: No

Patronus: No

(Optional. Only for fifth year and up.)

Animagi: No

(Animagi not recommended. As you nkow, this is highly advanced magic. And I'll only be accepting a few now. Can only be seventh years.)

Wand: 10" Cherry and Unicorn Hair

(Ex. 13" Yew, Unicorn hair)

House: Ravenclaw

Era: Weasley