Name: Seraphina Carter

Age/Year: 14/3rd (her birthday falls after the school year starts)

Blood status: Halfblood (mum's a muggleborn, dad's a halfblood)

Gender: Female

Appearance: Little Sera, as she is known to friends and family, is just as odd as her oldest sister Samia when it came to looks. She has caramel colored eyes and the oddest colored hair that can't decide if it's blonde, red, brown, or black. It looks as though someone decided to smash random colors into her hair, every strand is different, and yet they all come together to make a stunning array of light and dark that sets of her eyes perfectly (I'm not talking unnatural colors, but the natural hair colors). Sera stands taller than both her sisters – and most other fourteen year olds – at 5'5" at fourteen everyone is convinced that she's going to end up just like her brother. She's tall and slim and her hair falls like a multi-colored curtain around her – easily reaching her lower back already.

Personality: Sera is a curious child and tends to get into things she shouldn't. Other than being curious, she's very empathetic towards others. She's one of those kids who will defend everyone around them, including those older then herself because she feels that everyone should have someone at their back, even if they aren't needed there. She also has a tendency to make herself unhappy trying to make those she cares for happy until her siblings remind her she can't make everyone happy. She clings to her family a bit too tightly at times, but they wouldn't have it any other way.

Love Interest/Crush: None

Strengths: Compassionate, understanding, and amazingly enough, DADA. She's also a bit hard headed, refusing to allow anything to make her quit.

Weaknesses: Most of her classes she's not too good at. She tries her hardest, but she has to have her brother tutor her so she can pass because she just doesn't get the information. She's also has a bit of a temper when pushed to far, which doesn't happen to often but when it does look out because she flies off the handle. There are only a few things that set her off so she rarely has to show that side of her personality.

Metamorphmagi: (Yes or no) No

Patronus: (Optional. Only for fifth year and up.) No

Animagi: (Opitional. And only for sixth year and up.) No

Wand: (Ex. 13" Yew, Unicorn hair) 12'1/2" Cherry, Dragon Heartstring

House: Hufflepuff

Era: New Generation