The Black Widow
Pirate Lady
"There are only to two forces that unite men... fear and interest."
Full Name Jacquotte De Belleville
Aliases/Nickname Jack
Gender Female
Race Pirate
Professional Statues
Personal Statues

Appearance Edit

Jack has an intimidating look that she cultivated over the years. She is a tough looking girl who uses it to her advantage when she has to, only what most don't know is the majority of that "tough", is attitude and accessories.

Jo is curvy without being fat because before they came, she rock climbed, hiked, and hunted on a regular basis. This also means her stamina is high, making her able to walk all day without stopping while carrying a pack on her back. She is slightly below average height, standing at 5 foot 6 inches, and she wears it well. With long black hair that trails down her back, piercing grey eyes, and semi-fragile features, she cuts an attractive figure once you get rid of the abundance of weapons, the grungy, tough street clothes, and the "don't fuck with me" attitude.

Unfortunately the less dangerous Jo is rarely - if ever - seen by the general public, or even close friends. She keeps the fragile side tucked beneath grime, bad attitude, sarcastic comments, and general bitchiness.