Name: Ariabella Winston

Age/Year: 16/6th Year

Blood status: Halfblood (Dad's a Pureblood, Mum's a Muggleborn)

Gender: Female

Appearance: Ari has a commanding presence that isn't easily looked over or threw. Being the daughter of a Pureblood and Muggleborn has taught her many things, one of them being blood doesn't matter, all that matters is how someone treats those around them. Another that you should always fight for what you believe. She's 5'7" and curvy (think Lake Bell [actress]) with shoulder length caramel hair and soft grey eyes that can harden instantly when her temper is provoked, this is one of the few things she received from her Slytherin Father, the others being his height and hair color. She's not pretty in the classical sense. Her eyes are a bit to large for her face, her cheeks a bit to defined, and her lower lip much to large for the top.

Personality: Straightforward, tempestuous, when scared she tends to not think before acting even though she was placed in Ravenclaw (her mother's house). She keeps people at a distance, but when intrigued she tends to put herself out there so she can learn what it is she wants.

Love Interest/Crush: None

Strengths: (Either subjects for academics or personality types. Ex. Potions or Socializing.) History of Magic best subjects, but easily passes most all of her subjects (Ravenclaw after all).

Weaknesses: (Same as above. Ex. Transfiguration or Persuasion) Worst class Potions. Other problems; handling her temper, keeping her thoughts in her own head, and knowing when to keep her mouth shut.

Metamorphmagi: (Yes or no) No

Patronus: (Optional. Only for fifth year and up.) No

Animagi: (Opitional. And only for sixth year and up.) No

Wand: (Ex. 13" Yew, Unicorn hair) 13' " Black Walnut, Dragon Heartstring

House: Ravenclaw

Era: Marauders Version 2