Extraordinary Swordsman
"Let's cross blades, see who'll live to tell the tale."
Status alive
Reddit Username Challen_Ever
Race Seraphim
Gender Male
Height 6'4"
Professional Status
Affiliation Seraphim Army
Position Master

Ambrocio is a Seraphim of the Master rank


Ambrose stands at a rather tall six foot four inches and holds a commanding air. He is also very muscled and he doesn't mind letting the world know it. He has a sculpted jaw, very light gray eyes, and coal black hair that just sits wherever it wants and hits about his chin in most places.


Ambrose is a complicated guy. He was once rather charismatic, drew people to him, and loved making people adore him. The flip side to that was he could be quite arrogant, narcissistic, and really didn't mind using his might to hurt people if he felt like it.

He wasn't all bad though... well on a basic level. Even though he was manipulative and didn't mind using other to get what he wanted, he did protect those he felt were part of his... world, but again, he did expect them to be completely on his side or not at all. Not at all meant... dead.

When he was turned into a Seraphim, he kept the worst traits of them all. Well those and his bad habit of poking at his opponent, throwing out sarcastic and arrogant comments, earning himself the title Joker among his comrades.

Ambrocio is the text book definition of the Yang. He is front and center, loud, and one always knows exactly where he is. Unfortunately that means many understimate him and believe that is all he is capable of... it is not.



Ambrose's first release


Ambrose's second release

Nothing much changes during the first release except he sprouts giant white wings from his back that are roughly twice to three times the size of his actual body. They are also pure white without a speck of coloring on them, much like the angels of the human's christian religion.

Ambrose changes vastly with this release. Instead of looing angelic, he looks demonic. With black horns and what looks like human skeletons clawing their way around his armor to coat him, Ambrose is nothing if not terrifying. And of course he relishes in that.


Name: Blast of Envy
Type: Offensive
Cost: Med
Range: Mid-Long
Stat: HAK
Description Grasping his sword with both hands, Ambrose brings it down with enough force to cut an opponent in half down the middle.
Name: Slice of Jealousy
Type: Offensive
Cost: Med to High
Range: Short Range
Stat: Hak & Hoho
Description Multiple extremely fast blade movements take place, shredding a target into pieces.
Name: Ace in the Hole
Type: Offensive
Cost: High
Range: Short - Mid
Stat: HAK & Hoho
Description A precision cut of extreme force and speed which can casually slice through large, multi-story high opponents protected by steel skin. This slash is so precise and swift, its victims are not even aware of it until after it has taken place. Undodgable unless equal Hoho.


(+1) (+1)(+1) (+1)(+1) (+1)(+1) (+1)(+1) (+1)(+1) (+1)
HAN 18 (+1) (+1)
REI 18 (+1) (+1)
HAK 21 (+1) (+1)
SEI 4 (+1) (+1)
BUK 18 (+1) (+1)
HOH 21 (+1) (+1)
Base points 100
Earned 0 (Master Log)
Points spent on abilities 0
Total 100

Character DevelopmentEdit

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