Amaranda Belam
Stole32 large
Nickname Amy
Statues Muggleborn
Gender Female
Age 16
Sexuality Straight
Hair Color Dark
Eye Color Gray
Complexion Light
Body Type Petite
Height Short
House Hufflepuff
Year 6
Best Class Transfiguration
Worst Class Arthimancy
Sister Nekoda Belam
Wood Apple
Core Phoenix Feather
Length 10"
Characteristics bendy
Era Harry Potter 3


Just like her other three sisters, Amy has dark hair, observant almond shaped eyes, an oval shaped face, lightly complected skin, petite, and oddly pretty. Her hair comes down to her waist in fat sausage like curls – very different from her sister's board straight hair - and instead of hazel eyes, she sports stormy gray eyes, the only Belam who holds this color actually. Unlike Koda, Amy doesn't care if her skin is burned, so she tends to have a healthy glow about her, very different from Koda's pale beauty. She has the same general hour-glass shape, but she is a bit less filled out than her sister as Koda was always more into the intellectual aspect of life while Amy always liked to stay highly active.


Amy is described as the most kind, caring, and maternal of her four sisters. She can be very sarcastic and quick-witted when in the company of those she cares about or when threatened – this she gets from watching three very strong willed females take on the world – but otherwise she's shy and very much the youngest sister to three very confident, charge-taking women. Though on the surface she is the exact opposite of her sister, she does have the same fiery spirit that all of her sisters hold. She doesn't deal well with being mistreated by others and usually has a problem with people who pick on others. Basically she's an open book.


She's very much like her sister when it comes to classes. She has a fondness for Potions, Transfiguration, and Herbology. She also enjoys Defense Against and Charms, she's subpar when it comes to Arithmancy, Ancient Runes, and Astronomy.


She's not too bad with most classes, but that's mostly because she has a sister that is constantly prodding her to not fail. Other than classes, Amy has a fear of flying, dislikes social situations, doesn't like conflict if she can avoid it, but like her sister, her biggest flaw is she tends to wear her heart on her sleeve.